Governor's Volunteer Service Awards

The Governor’s Volunteer Service Award honors the true spirit of volunteerism by recognizing individuals and groups that make a significant contribution to their community through volunteer service. An individual or group from the public, nonprofit, and private sector may be nominated for this recognition award by a community member to their county-designated coordinator. There are categories for the type of nominee (individual, group, national service, and director of volunteers). Additional categories are based on the area of service (veteran, youth, seniors, education, animals, etc.). The Commission will review county nominations and awards are given out locally by the designated county award coordinator. 

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The Governor's Medallion Award for Volunteer Service was implemented in 2006 to recognize the top 20-25 volunteers in the state. Medallion recipients are nominated at the county level by the county award coordinator. Only one Medallion nomination is permitted per county. A statewide panel reviews and evaluates all these nominations to determine the award recipients. Medallion Award recipients are honored at an annual recognition ceremony. The medallion is placed around the neck to signify the volunteer's great service to the community.

Meet our 2024 Medallion winners!

Nomination Forms

Nominations can be made online or by downloading the nomination form in pdf or in word. The online nomination forms are available in español in  MS Word. If using the nomination form, send the form to the county award coordinator by clicking on the appropriate county below. Online nominations will be sent to the county award coordinators. Be aware county coordinators may select an earlier deadline for accepting nominations.

Tips to write a strong Governor's Volunteer Service Award nomination.