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Our nation faces profound and enduring challenges. AmeriCorps is how we come together to help our country and our people prosper. North Carolina AmeriCorps' funding opportunities are posted and open for application from October thru early March. AmeriCorps national headquarters posts additional grant opportunities. Signup to receive notices of grant opportunities for North Carolina.  AmeriCorps National Funding Opportunities


Volunteer Generation

volunteer generation fund NC map of subgrantees by county


Volunteer Generation Fund (VGF) funds have been used to develop and/or support community-based entities to recruit, manage, and support volunteers. VolunteerNC prioritized programs that address COVID, Disaster Response, Corporate Engagement, Youth Engagement, and Training. Funding has been awarded for the 2022-2023 grant year and at this time no additional grants will be awarded. If additional funding becomes available, the notice of funding will be posted here.

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AmeriCorps programs meet our country’s critical needs in disaster services, economic opportunity, education, environmental stewardship, healthy futures, as well as with our veterans and military families. AmeriCorps members serve with nonprofits, schools, public agencies, faith-based groups and community organizations. See how AmeriCorps members make a difference

AmeriCorps grants background information

AmeriCorps Funding Opportunities

Eligible organizations are invited to join the North Carolina portfolio of AmeriCorps Programs. Our AmeriCorps grant training is mandatory for first time applicants. Register for the required upcoming trainings. 

All AmeriCorps grant applications for funding from VolunteerNC require the following credentials.
DUNS Number: For government contracts and credit, the DUNS number was adopted as the standard business identifier for U.S. federal electronic commerce and is used widely by the United Nations and the European Commission, too. The data is used to track how federal money is distributed and, since 1998, has been the official government contract identification code for all suppliers and activities.  Applicants must have a DUNS Number which may be obtained via
SAM Registration: SAM (System for Award Management) registration is required for all applicants and has taken the place of registration in CCR (Central Contractor Registration).  If an applicant had an active record in CCR, that applicant has an active record in SAM. Applicants not previously registered in CCR should register in SAM prior to applying for a grant through the Governor's Crime Commission. SAM information may be found at

Application Materials:

AmeriCorps Alums is now part of Service Year Alliance. Register to stay involved! 

AmeriCorps alumni continue to be community service leaders in their communities. North Carolina’s AmeriCorps alumni chapters also facilitate mentoring current members and organizing service projects so former members can continue to "get things done.”

AmeriCorps is made up of three programs: AmeriCorps State and National; AmeriCorps VISTA; and AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps). All three AmeriCorps programs are funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service, an independent federal agency created to connect Americans of all ages and backgrounds with opportunities to give back to their communities and their nation.

AmeriCorps Seniors & AmeriCorps Vista

Senior Corps helps volunteers age 55 and older find the best way to serve in their communities. Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) volunteers serve in local nonprofit and public organizations, including schools, libraries, health care facilities and law enforcement agencies. Foster Grandparent volunteers make a difference in the lives of children in schools, hospitals, drug treatment centers, correctional institutions and child care centers. Senior Companion volunteers help adults who have difficulty with daily tasks maintain their independence. For more information about the Senior Corps, please click here.

AmeriCorps VISTA members work to bring individuals and communities out of poverty. Members work at nonprofit and public agencies to fight illiteracy, improve health services, reduce unemployment, increase housing opportunities and expand access to technology for those living in rural and urban areas of poverty across North Carolina. For more information about AmeriCorps VISTA, please click here.