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Name Phone Email
Acevedo, Maliyah Takoya 919-814-5000 maliyah.acevedo@nctreasurer.com
Acklin, Robert Earl robert.acklin@nctreasurer.com
Adams, Jennifer Tiffany 919-814-4000 jennifer.adams@nctreasurer.com
Adams, Shana Monique 919-814-4400 shana.adams@nctreasurer.com
Aiken, Cynthia S cindy.aiken@nctreasurer.com
Albright, Kimberly Harmon 919-814-4015 kimberly.albright@nctreasurer.com
Allen, Jennifer 919-814-3000 jennifer.allen@nctreasurer.com
Almberg, John Christoffer 919-814-4400 chris.almberg@nctreasurer.com
Alston, Jackqulyn Garcina 919-715-2632 jackqulyn.alston@nctreasurer.com
Ammons, April Amir 919-814-5000 april.ammons@nctreasurer.com
Anderson, Phillip Clay 919-814-4275 phillip.anderson@nctreasurer.com
Andrews, Charlie L 919-814-4305 lewis.andrews@nctreasurer.com
Antolick, Carl 919-814-4400 carl.antolick@nctreasurer.com
Arnold, Beth R 919-814-4023 renee.arnold@nctreasurer.com
Atkinson, Lisamarie Bougouneau 919-814-5000 lisamarie.atkinson@nctreasurer.com
Avery, Travis Londell 919-814-4000 travis.avery@nctreasurer.com
Baggett, Powell Keeling 919-707-8922 powell.baggett@nctreasurer.com
Bailey, Maurice 919-814-3931 maurice.bailey@nctreasurer.com
Baker, Rita Sue 919-814-4303 rita.baker@nctreasurer.com
Baldwin, Shenita 919-814-4113 shenita.baldwin@nctreasurer.com
Balogac, Samantha Joy 919-814-3839 samantha.balogac@nctreasurer.com
Balogun, Margaret Adebola 919-814-4400 margaret.balogun@nctreasurer.com
Baratam, Deepa 919-814-4129 deepa.baratam@nctreasurer.com
Barnes, Beverly D 919-814-3961 diane.barnes@nctreasurer.com
Barreto, Lucia Maria 919-814-4400 lucia.barreto@nctreasurer.com