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Name Phone Email
Abrams, Andrea Kristina 919-715-2632 andrea.abrams@ncdor.gov
Adams, Marva Darlene 704-519-3010 marva.adams@ncdor.gov
Adams, Florette Trevelyn 919-754-2564 florette.adams@ncdor.gov
Ahlin, Robert Thor 919-814-1519 robert.ahlin@ncdor.gov
Ahmed, Malika Jetta 336-487-0311 malika.ahmed@ncdor.gov
Aikens, Patty Leigh 336-487-0248 patty.aikens@ncdor.gov
Alexander, Rosemary Murdock 828-261-7529 rosemary.alexander@ncdor.gov
Alexander, Wonna 919-814-1376 wonna.alexander@ncdor.gov
Allen, Andre Demetreious 336-487-0208 andre.allen@ncdor.gov
Allen, Gwenda Van Dyke 919-754-2057 gwenda.allen@ncdor.gov
Allen, Melvina Lynn 919-707-7521 melvina.allen@ncdor.gov
Alligood, Eddie Dwayne 919-754-2702 eddie.alligood@ncdor.gov
Alomar, Elisa Leonor 704-519-3177 elisa.alomar@ncdor.gov
Alston, Patricia Gail 252-611-0018 patricia.alston@ncdor.gov
Alston, Ingrid Deonne Robinson 336-487-0309 ingrid.alston@ncdor.gov
Altice, Angela Wells 919-754-2330 angela.altice@ncdor.gov
Anagor, Matthew Chinweze 919-627-6917 matthew.anagor@ncdor.gov
Anders, Holly Mona 828-259-4035 holly.anders@ncdor.gov
Anderson, Zella Delores 336-487-0310 zella.anderson@ncdor.gov
Anderson, Austin Clifford 919-627-6906 austin.anderson@ncdor.gov
Anderson, Frances Marie 919-754-2679 frances.anderson@ncdor.gov
Ansley, James Neil 919-754-2561 james.ansley@ncdor.gov
Anthony, Tynesha Charnel 252-830-2407 tynesha.anthony@ncdor.gov
Appling, Jonetta 336-487-0203 jonetta.appling@ncdor.gov
Arbon, Flordeliza C 919-704-3099 flordeliza.arbon@ncdor.gov