Voter Lookup, Sample Ballot

Online service available

Provide your voter information to view a sample ballot.

Learn which voting districts you are in, including Congressional, State Senate and House, and court districts. View your sample ballot for an upcoming election. Find your voting place, and view your voting history. You must provide voter information to view a sample ballot.

Here’s how to see your sample ballot:

  • Go to the State Board of Elections Voter Search page.
  • Enter the required fields, including your first name, last name and voter status.
  • Click “Search.” The system will display a list of matching voter names and the county and city/town where that voter is registered.
  • Click the name from the list that matches you (for example, there may be more than one "John Smith"). The system will display your voter information, including your precinct, congressional district, NC Senate district, NC House district, county commissioner district, etc.
  • Under the blue band labeled “Election Polling Place,” you’ll see the address where you go to vote.
  • Scroll down to the blue band labeled “Sample Ballots.” Under “Election” you will see the name of the current/next election. To the far right of that, under “Ballot(s)” you will see a link to a sample ballot for the precinct where you live/are registered if an election is eminent or underway and a sample ballot has been assigned.
  • If a link to a sample ballot appears, click the link to display the ballot as a PDF, which you can download and print if desired.


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