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Access North Carolina

Recreation and Culture, Attractions

A vacation and travel guide for people with disabilities. Accessibility ratings are provided for different types of disabilities, including vision loss, deaf and hard of hearing, and physical disabilities.   


Recreation and Culture, Attractions

Fort Fisher, Pine Knoll Shores, Roanoke Island, Jennette's Pier

Artist Directory

Recreation and Culture, Arts and Culture

Film, literary, performing and visual artists. A creative industry database for artists, arts organizations and the public.

Bicycle Routes & Maps

Recreation and Culture, Recreation

Plan your next bicycle ride using the N.C. Department of Transportation’s Bike Routes app, which features turn-by-turn directions, destination information and elevation profiles.

Birding Trail

Recreation and Culture, Recreation

Linking 300+ birdwatching sites and birders

Boat and Jet Ski Registration and Renewal

Recreation and Culture, Recreation

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission offers various services to vessel owners to promote safety, establish ownership, and ultimately support the public's enjoyment of water sports and recreation. This site provides information about vessel registration and titling requirements, fees and frequently asked questions.


Recreation and Culture, Recreation

Boaters can explore more than 5,000 miles of North Carolina waters. Find a boat ramp near you. Title and register your vessel. Get information on regulations and safety requirements here. 

Boating Access Locator

Recreation and Culture, Recreation

With more than 300,000 registered vessels in North Carolina, boating is one of the state’s most popular activities year-round.  The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission provides more than 200 free Boating Access Areas (BAA) to 100 different bodies of water.    

Clean Water Management Trust Fund

Land and Environment, Conservation

We award grants to non-profit and governmental organizations to protect land for natural, historical and cultural benefit, limit encroachment on military installations, restore degraded streams, and develop and improve stormwater treatment technology.