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Shooting Ranges

Land and Environment, Wildlife

The N.C. Wildlife Resource Commission's shooting ranges provide a safe, controlled and organized environment for sportsmen and recreational shooters alike. Consult the interactive map for details on public and private shooting ranges throughout the state.

Soil Testing

Land and Environment, Agriculture

Soil samples and other agronomic testing helps farmers and homeowners fine-tune nutrient applications and prevent overuse of fertilizers. 

State Energy Program

Land and Environment, Energy

Helping grow the state’s green energy economy. The office works with business, industry and non-profits to build a positive business climate to help them be more energy efficient and productive. In addition, the office promotes and helps businesses understand the benefits of various tax credits that make going and growing energy green work for the bottom line.

State Forests

Education, Education Resources

In addition to the Educational State Forests, the N.C. Forest Service has three state forests open to the public that include: DuPont State Recreational Forest, Headwaters State Forest (new in 2018), Bladen Lakes State Forest.

State Parks

Land and Environment, State Parks

The North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation exists to inspire all its citizens and visitors through conservation, recreation and education.