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Clean Water Management Trust Fund

Land and Environment, Conservation

We award grants to non-profit and governmental organizations to protect land for natural, historical and cultural benefit, limit encroachment on military installations, restore degraded streams, and develop and improve stormwater treatment technology.

Coal Ash

Land and Environment, Waste Management

Learn how the Department of Environmental Quality is addressing coal ash at facilities across North Carolina, and how we're working to implement the safe excavation and disposal of coal ash. Read the blog.

Coastal Reserve and National Estuarine Research Reserve Program

Education, Education Resources

The Reserve is a network of 10 protected sites established for long-term research, education and stewardship. This program protects more than 44,000 acres of estuarine land and water, which provides important habitat for wildlife; offers educational opportunities for students, teachers and the public; and serves as living laboratories for scientists.

Coastal Training Program - Coastal Reserve and National Estuarine Research Reserve

Education, Education Resources

Provide coastal leaders and professionals with science-based training opportunities to promote informed decisions regarding our coastal resources. Local officials, realtors, state agency staff, resource managers, non-profit organizations, and consultants all benefit from access to relevant scientific research and training presented by local experts that improve their understanding of the coastal environment and the impact of local decisions on coastal resources. 

Conservation of Natural Resources

Land and Environment, Wildlife

State efforts to preserve natural areas for research, education and recreation, help NC citizens to conserve energy and reduce and recycle waste, and encourage widespread stewardship of North Carolina’s water, air and land. 

Conservation Planning Tool

Land and Environment, Conservation

The North Carolina Conservation Planning Tool provides a valuable means for sharing the priorities of the state’s conservation agencies and organizations with planners in government and the private sectors to inform decisions and guide conservation efforts statewide.