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Agricultural Laws

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Laws regarding animal welfare, food and drug protection, meat inspection, pesticides, eggs and the plant industry. 

Agricultural Licenses and Permits

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Access to licenses and permits that are provided by the NC Department of Agriculture and Customer Services (NCDA&CS). Many agricultural occupations and activities must be licensed or permitted, including those who work with animals, pesticides, or drugs, as well as grain buyers and dealers. NCDA&CS also licenses certain food operations, such as frozen desserts. 

Agricultural Statistics

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Data on crops, livestock and weather for North Carolina. Statistics by county, including acreage of crops, number of farms, number of livestock and cash receipts. Access to the Annual Agricultural Statistics Book. 

Agriculture and Food

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When you want the best, it’s Got to Be NC! North Carolina’s agricultural marketing program promotes the best grown, raised, caught and made products in the state. Find local products and more.

Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Partnership

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 Identifying, protecting, and restoring the significant resources of the Albemarle-Pamlico estuarine system.