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Polling Place Lookup

Government and Elections, Voting

Locate your Election Day polling place based on your address or precinct.

Register to Vote

Government and Elections, Voting

Learn about registering to vote, updating or cancelling your registration, voting by military and overseas citizens, voter registration drives, and more.

Voter Lookup, Sample Ballot

Government and Elections, Voting

Provide your voter information to view a sample ballot. Learn which voting districts you are in, including Congressional, State Senate and House, and court districts. View your sample ballot for an upcoming election. Find your voting place, and view your voting history. You must provide voter information to view a sample ballot. There are hundreds of ballot styles across North Carolina for every election, and different voters vote on different contests based on where they live.

Voter Registration Forms

Government and Elections, Voting

North Carolina residents may use this application to register to vote or update name, address or party affiliation (Available in Spanish). After completion, mail the signed form to the proper county board of elections office.