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With ACCESSNC, you can find properties statewide that meet your business needs. Our system allows you to map these properties and create custom demographic reports for the site-specific locations you select. From community demographic reports to labor market and education data, ACCESSNC lets you access the data you need to make important business decisions.

Agricultural Exports and Exporters in NC

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International marketing, sources of financial assistance, market research, certification resources, and training. 

Agricultural Laws

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Laws regarding animal welfare, food and drug protection, meat inspection, pesticides, eggs and the plant industry. 

Agricultural Licenses and Permits

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Access to licenses and permits that are provided by the NC Department of Agriculture and Customer Services (NCDA&CS). Many agricultural occupations and activities must be licensed or permitted, including those who work with animals, pesticides, or drugs, as well as grain buyers and dealers. NCDA&CS also licenses certain food operations, such as frozen desserts. 

Agricultural Statistics

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Data on crops, livestock and weather for North Carolina. Statistics by county, including acreage of crops, number of farms, number of livestock and cash receipts. Access to the Annual Agricultural Statistics Book. 

Agriculture-Related Legal Matters

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Overview of laws regarding agiicultural waste, labor, organic certification, transportation, pesticides, animals, and more. 

Alcohol Beverage Permits

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Permits to sell alcoholic beverages. Retail permits that cover sale in restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores. Commercial permits cover the manufacture, importation, distribution, bottling or transportation of alcohol. 

Automotive, Truck and Heavy Equipment Businesses and Workforce

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Review information about the state's many advantages for automotive companies.