State Bureau of Investigation

The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) assists local law enforcement with criminal investigations, working closely with local police, sheriffs, district attorneys, federal investigators, and federal prosecutors. The SBI has statewide jurisdiction and investigates homicides, robberies, property crimes and other serious cases. Involvement is at the request of the local department that maintains original jurisdiction over the case.


The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) is dedicated to serving the citizens of North Carolina with eight district offices across the state. SBI agents provide investigative assistance to local law enforcement agencies with criminal cases when requested by local police, sheriffs, district attorneys and/or judges. 

The SBI has original jurisdiction in several areas including drug investigations, arson, election law violations, child sexual abuse in day care centers, environmental crimes, human trafficking, theft and misuse of state property and computer crime investigations that involve crimes against children.

The SBI is also home to the North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAAC).  ISAAC works with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in the fight against terrorism and criminal activity by sharing information.

The SBI’s Behavioral Threat Assessment (BeTA) unit was developed to take a proactive approach to preventing violence in our communities. The BeTA Unit is staffed by law enforcement officers, intelligence analysts and mental health professionals. The mission of this specialized unit is to identify, investigate, evaluate and manage person(s) of concern within North Carolina who are recognized as having motive and means to develop, or act on an opportunity to commit a targeted attack. 

With more than 400 employees including non-sworn, the SBI has nearly 250 sworn special agents who work every day to uphold the law.





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