Forest Service, NC

The N.C. Forest Service envisions a North Carolina with healthy trees and forests that provide essential environmental, economic and social benefits served by a professional workforce recognized as a leader in forest protection, emergency response, resource management and environmental education. Our mission in meeting this vision is to "protect, manage and promote forest resources for the citizens of North Carolina."


The N.C. Forest Service is one of the premier forestry agencies in the United States. The agency protects the more than 18.8 million acres of forestland in North Carolina from the threat of wildfire, insects and diseases. It responds to an average 4,500 wildfires annually, protecting the forest, lives and homes as North Carolina has the most acres of Wildland Urban Interface in the nation. These are areas where homes and development are intermingled with forestland.

Forest Rangers with the N.C. Forest Service assist non-industrial private landowners by providing advice and assistance in managing their forest resources for a wide variety of benefits, including timber, soil and water quality, wildlife, aesthetic beauty and recreational uses. Our intention in helping landowners sustainably manage their forests is to keep our state's forests productive while providing many other benefits. Keeping these lands as working forests helps prevent them from being lost to development.

Telephone: 919-857-4801


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