Pandemic Recovery Information for Counties

North Carolina’s 100 counties provide essential services to over 9 million citizens across the state. North Carolina local governments received $300 million from the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) established under the CARES Act to spend on directly related expenditures incurred to address the COVID-19 pandemic. View the Local Government CRF County Allocations and Distributions below.

UPDATE 9/16 - 9/17/2020 Local Government Coronavirus Relief Fund Presentation

UPDATE 7/23/2020 Local Government Coronavirus Relief Fund County Allocations

Coronavirus Relief Fund - County Distributions


Local Government CRF FAQ's

Read the most up-to-date version of the Local Government CRF Frequently Asked Questions.

UPDATED 9/16/2020 Local Government CRF FAQ's


Local Government Presentations

Watch the recorded presentations or view the presentation slides below.

NCPRO Updates and Local Government Q&A Call
September 16-17, 2020


NCPRO Updates & Local Government Q&A Presentation Slides


Local Government CRF Presentation
July 9-10, 2020


Local Government Distribution of CRF Presentation Slides


Forms and Coronavirus Relief Fund Plan Templates

County CRF Request Form

State of North Carolina Substitute W-9 Form

County CRF Plan

Municipality CRF Plan