Pandemic Recovery Information for State Agencies, Higher Education & K-12

K-12 Latest News & Information

Read the November 20, 2020 letter to the Department of Public Instruction regarding reallocation of unspent CRF money.

Reallocation Letter to DPI


K-12 School Nutrition

Read the Supplemental Resource for School Nutrition Programs (PRC 125) as of November 5, 2020.

School Nutrition Resource Document

Read more about the CRF School Nutrition Guidance per the June 10, 2020 memo to the State Board of Education and Department of Public Instruction.

CRF School Nutrition Guidance Memo


K-12 Presentations

Watch the recorded presentations or view the presentation slides below.

K-12 Office Hours Presentations & FAQs

1/11/21 K-12 Office Hours Follow Up FAQs


November 24, 2020

11/24/20 K-12 Office Hours Presentation Slides 


December 1, 2020


December 2, 2020


12/1-12/2 K-12 Office Hours Presentation Slides


State Agency & Higher Education CRF FAQs

Read the most up-to-date version of the State Agency & Higher Education CRF Frequently Asked Questions.

UPDATED 1/12/2021 Government Entity CRF FAQs

UPDATED 1/12/2021 Non-Government Entity CRF FAQs

UPDATED 6/25/2020 State Agency and Higher Education CRF FAQs


State Agency & Higher Education Presentations

Watch the recorded presentations or view the presentation slides below.

Application, Allocation and Compliance Presentation
November 23, 2020

Application, Allocation & Compliance Presentation Slides


Presentation to NCSEAA on Reporting Requirements
October 9, 2020


Public Universities Reporting Requirements CRF Presentation
July 2, 2020


State Agencies and Community Colleges Reporting Requirements CRF Presentation

Public Universities Reporting Requirements Coronavirus Relief Fund Presentation


Coronavirus Relief Funding Presentation
May 29, 2020


State Agency and University Distributions of the CRF Presentation