How to Use NC360


Teachers will be able to use the website as supporting material for lessons. For example, a teacher in the mountains of Madison County could use our up-close footage of Jockey’s Ridge State Park to teach about the Wright Brothers.

NC360 will not only get students accustomed to emerging technology, but it could save school districts and parents money for field trips.


NC360 can be used as an accessibility tool for the elderly, people with disabilities, disabled veterans, or anyone who may not be physically able to travel across the state.

Not sure if a trail is easy, intermediate, or advanced? Find it on NC360 to make sure the trail is right for you.


NC360 is a great way for the world to experience North Carolina’s culture and landscapes.

Tourists can view trails before visiting and better plan and prepare for their trips.

Companies interested in coming to the state can see the state’s top cultural and historical attractions without stepping out of their boardrooms.

Safety and Emergency Response

Depending on cell service, lost visitors can view trails via mobile devices in real time.

First responders can become more familiar with terrain ahead of time and can gauge the difficulty of rescue missions.


North Carolina has always attracted a wide range of people with an even wider range of talents. In fact, our state is home to some of the best and brightest minds in the country—minds that are directly shaping the future by solving some of the world’s toughest problems. Companies looking to move their business to North Carolina can use NC360 to virtually check out the state from their boardrooms, whether they're in Hong Kong or New York. It's a great way to check out quality of life that's so important to today's young workforce.