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The Digital Services team within the Department of Information Technology is working with Cabinet agencies to bring State agency websites into the 21st century. We call the project Digital Commons because we’re working together to make the sites highly informative, useful, and easy to use.

A unified look and feel that is consistent across websites provides better customer service and a predictable interface. Up-to-date, robust functionality, accessibility for all devices and for all audiences, and easy-to-maintain websites are also key to this project.

Ten agency websites (the Departments of Administration, Commerce, Cultural Resources, Environment and Natural Resources, Health and Human Services, and Public Safety; and the Offices of the Governor, Information Technology, State Budget and Management, and State Human Resources), along with the portal, are getting a fresh design, intuitive navigation, and an improved content management system as part of Digital Commons.

Two cross-agency workgroups that include web content managers, webmasters, developers, and communications teams began working on Digital Commons in 2014, and the rollout of new sites kicked off in May 2015 with the launch of the new and the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources site.

Sites currently in the Digital Commons look and feel and platform include:, State Human Resources, Environmental Quality, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Health and Human Services, Medical Assistance, Natural and Cultural Resources, Public Safety, Administration, Information Technology, State Budget and Management, MilVets, Health Information Exchange Authority, Queen Anne's Revenge, Natural Heritage Program

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