Report Fraud, Waste and Abuse

If you suspect fraud, waste, or abuse in state government, contact the State Office of Budget and Management. Or call the State Auditor 1-800-730-TIPS (8477) or report online.

Legislator Contacts

Local Offices

State Hotlines

Hotline Telephone
Adopt-A-Highway 1-800-331-5864
Agriculture Market News Update 1-800-662-7573
Alcohol/Drug Council of N.C. Information and Referral 1-800-688-4232
Amtrak/NC By Train Tickets 1-800-ByTrain
Animal Cruelty: Report 1-855-290-6915
Auditor (Office of State) Fraud/Waste/Abuse Hotline 1-800-730-8477
Business License (Business Link North Carolina or, Dept of Commerce 1-800-228-8443
Child Care Facility Info Line (file a complaint or ask for facility info) 1-800-859-0829
Child Support Enforcement 1-800-992-9457
Children with Special Health Care Needs Helpline 1-800-737-3028
Community & Citizen Services (Governor's Info/Referral Line) 1-800-662-7952
Consumer Protection Division (Attorney General's Office) 1-877-5-NO-SCAM 
Correction Enterprises 1-800-241-0124
Council for Women 1-877-502-9898
Crime Victims Hotline 1-800-826-6200
Deferred Compensation Plan, NC 1-888-600-2763
Diabetes Hotline 1-877-362-2678
Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Displaced Homemakers Hotline 1-877-502-9898
Education Assistance Authority (College Loans, etc.) 1-800-544-1644
Emergency Management Operations 1-800-858-0368
Environmental Assistance and Outreach 1-877-623-6748
Environmental Emergencies 1-800-858-0368
Ferry Schedule/Information 1-800-BYFERRY
Foreclosure Prevention Project 1-866-234-4857
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Hotline for the Department of Public Safety 1-844-208-4018
Guardian ad Litem 1-800-982-4041
Health Care Facility Complaint Line (for hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home care agencies, and other regulated health care facilities) 1-800-624-3004
Highway Patrol (Raleigh Communications Center) 1-800-662-7956
Highway Safety Research Center Information Line (UNC) 1-800-672-4527
Income Tax Refund Inquiries 1-877-252-4052
Information Technology Services (ITS) 1-800-722-3946
Inmate Locator 1-800-368-1985
Insurance Hotline for Auto, Homeowners, and Life Insurance Questions 1-855-408-1212
Insurance Hotline for Health Insurance Questions: Smart NC 1-855-408-1212
Job Corps (federal technical training program for youth) 1-800-733-5627
JobLink: Career planning, training and placement 1-877-632-2447
Labor Department 1-800-625-2267
Lottery Player Services 1-877-962-7529
Lottery Security Hotline 1-888-732-6235
Marine Fisheries 1-800-682-2632
Migratory Bird Hunting Dates and Shooting Hours 1-800-675-0263
Missing Persons Hotline 1-800-522-5437
Misuse of State Vehicles 1-800-266-2025
N.C. Justice for Sterilization Victims Foundation 877-550-6013
N.C. Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network 1-877-NCKIDS-1
Perinatal Substance Use Project (regarding substance abuse during and after pregnancy) 1-800-688-4232
Pregnancy Exposure Riskline (for pregnant or breastfeeding women concerned about medications and other exposures) 1-800-532-6302
Problem Gambling Hotline (When gambling causes financial or relationship problems) 1-877-718-5543
Public Instruction Department (Publications Division) 1-800-663-1250
Quitline (Support for North Carolinians looking to stop smoking) 1-800-QUIT-NOW
Retired Governmental Employees' Association 1-800-356-1190
Revenue Department/Forms/Tax Info & Assistance 1-877-252-3052
Safe Surrender 1-800-367-2229
SAVAN: Statewide Automated Crime Victim Assistance and Notification 1-877-NCSAVAN
Secretary of State Charitable Solicitation Licensing 1-888-830-4989
Secretary of State Corporations Division 1-888-246-7636
Securities Investor Info and Complaint 1-800-688-4507
Seniors' Health Insurance Information (SHIIP) 1-800-443-9354
Small Business/Technology Development Center (UNC) 1-800-258-0862
State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) 1-800-334-3000
State Employees Association 1-800-222-2758
State 401K Plan 1-866-NCPLANS (1-866-627-5267)
State Health Benefits Plan 1-888-234-2416
State Retirement Systems Division 1-877-627-3287
Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-TALK
Swat-a-Litterbug 1-800-331-5864
Tax Fraud Hotline 800-232-4939
Teacher Licensure/Cert 1-800-577-7994
Traffic Information 5-1-1, or
Transportation (Department of) Hotline 1-877-DOT-4YOU 
Travel and Tourism 1-800-VISIT-NC
Utilities Commission Complaint Line 1-866-380-9816
Victim Services 919-733-7974
Volunteerism/Community Service 1-800-820-4483
Water Quality Emergency: Make a report 1-800-855-0368
Wildlife Resources Commission Enforcement/Communication Center 1-800-662-7137
Workers' Compensation Assistance 1-800-688-8349
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